Before visiting another club or attending a special dance,
please check the Clubs Page for possible alternate locations & times.

The primary purpose of the Seaway Valley Square and Round Dance Association (SVSRDA) has always been to promote Modern Square & Round dancing for fun & to encourage dancers to visit other clubs. That was the concept back in 1982 and it still remains the prime purpose today..

So, how do we go about fulfilling the primary purpose? We have several initiatives:

  • Our prime initiative is our Travel Award Program - a program that rewards dancers when they visit other SVSRDA member clubs.

  • We also host two dances each year - our Christmas Dance is always held on the second Sunday in December and our Mother’s Day Dance usually on the first Sunday in May.

  • We have our Dance Calendar that’s published each year which contains a complete list of:
    • all member clubs
    • their contact information
    • the locations that they dance with instructions as to how to find them
    • a detailed calendar of each month showing all the clubs & their dance nights and any special events they’re holding. Stick it in the glove compartment of your car & you have the perfect ‘road map’ and planner, which makes the whole experience of visiting other clubs very easy to do!! And there’s also other very useful information in it too, including the rules of the Travel Award Program and the checklist needed to earn your car!  This Calendar is available from the association every fall for a very reasonable $5.00. 

  • To keep SVSRDA alive & well, we hold 2 general meetings a year where all member clubs come together to look at:
    • how the association is doing
    • how the clubs are doing
    • to organize the two annual dances
    • each spring to elect a new Executive for the coming year

So to help us to continue to promote Square & Round dancing - to keep it alive & make it grow - not only in the SVSRDA, but everywhere - we need you to come out & support all our club & association dances and have fun with us!

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